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Moderator App / Insaneslayers Mod application
« on: November 18, 2010, 06:40:01 pm »
Ingame Name: Insaneslayer.
What are you applynig for? (admin/mod): i am applying for mod.
lRL Name: Peter
Age: 14
Location: The Netherlands
Languages: English,dutch,swedish.
How long have you been playing pk worldscape?:  3 days ago but i think it was the first day?
How many hours are you on daily at average? 2-4 depends whether i got school or if im at my dads house or not, and whether i'm doing anything but most of the time i will be on here around 8hours.
Why do you want to become a mod/admin on pk worldScape?: because i think i would really help this server because i think i would be the only mod in GMT? and i already help players quite alot and tell people to register at this site and vote :]
i get quite a few pms saying where is this npc and such so i would like to carry on to do that with a pretty little crown next to my name
Why would you make a good mod/admin on Pk worldscape?: almost the same question as above^ but i would carry on doing what i do now by helping people and things, and telling people where things are and things and also i would stop glitchers when the server gets big and such :]
Past know-how in dealing with staff positions? ugh idk if anyone played obpk but i was called weezy f baby and i was mod, it had 300+ players so i know how to deal with alot of players at once as i did it on there.
You see another moderator/Admin on, and he/she is abusing their moderation powers. What do you do? at first i would definately tell them to stop and if they carried on i would tell owner because i wouldn't want to do it without proof so unless i had taken proof i wouldn't ban them i would just tell owners
Are you willing to help players?: Yes as i do it know i am very willing to help:)
Why would you make a better (/ even good) mod/admin as the existing mods?: because although there good mods, i just don't see them helping alot(sorry guys) so i think i would be the type of mod that would just be helping most of the time
Your best friend is online, and he/she breaks a few rules. What would you do?i would definately tell them to stop, and maybe ban them if they continued.
Do you have any programming or advanced computer experience?nope but i don't see as it would help :/
Do you understand that getting votes in a corrupt way (for example: buying votes or making multiple accounts to vote) will result in an forum/Ingame ban (PERM)?: yes i wouldn't do that in anyway even if i was most hated on server.
You do understand if you break rules, or turn out to not be a good mod/admin, you will be demoted? Yes, i wouldn't let you down if you chose to promote me to moderator.
Will you be ACTIVE and HELPFUL?(Becuase if your not, You will be demoted)?: Yes, as i am already i will definately carry on doing what i'm doing
I hope this application is enough en that i could be a perfect mod in game.

Greeting insaneslayer

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